Sunday, June 17, 2012

Best Ways to Get a Free Airplane Ticket

Flying is nothing short of a miracle. If you stop to think not so long ago it would take weeks or months to get to a destination that we can now to fly to in a few hours. It is not always cheap to fly to a destination but when you factor in the time that is saved in travel it is a great deal. But don't get discouraged there are ways to fly for free. In this article I will give you some tips for free air travel.

Flying for free is not easy. If it was easy for just anyone to claim free airplane tickets anytime they want, then everybody would be doing it and the airlines would be out of business.

On the contrary, getting free airline tickets requires deliberate planning, shopping around, and research. It may be coupled with the purchases of other items. Also, more than likely you may not get to fly on the flight of your choice. You may have to take connecting flights with stop-overs.

Many business will hold a Grand Opening promotion, and some businesses do this on a recurring basis. They want to draw attention to their business, and they do this by offering free stuff like airline tickets. You can benefit by entering into these contests and promotions.

Near the month of your travel you should look out for websites that offer special discounts to flyers for internet bookings and e-tickets. However you should be careful about falling for any fake scams on the internet as there are many fraud sites coming up these days. These sites claim to offer you unbelievable prices on travel and lodging and may ask you to enter your credit card information which may be misused.

Lastly, keep your ears open to promotions that offer free air travel. Radio stations are always offering free travel as are new businesses that offer store promotions to get you in their establishment. Usually these store drawings require you be there to win the prize. It is a good way to get you in their store. Many schools and charities sell raffle tickets that the prize is free travel. They usually get this by miles donated by members or travel agencies for advertising. Doing this makes you a double winner you are donating to charity and at the same time you could win a free plane tickets.

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

It Gives & Takes...

On rooftops, when it's cloudy, I scream, when it's cloudy I scream.

I scream when it's cloudy hoping that one cloud could embrace my heart and fly me away from earth, away from my body.

On rooftops when it's sunny, I scream, when it's Sunny I scream.

I scream when it's Sunny wishing a warm sun ray to go through me and light the dark corners in my soul.

On rooftops, when it's rainy, I scream, when it's rainy I scream.

I scream when it's rainy thinking rain could wash away the past that's burning inside of me…

I dream, I dream of a Sunny world, numerous numbers of clouds, and endless rain, endless pouring rain.

That's only a dream; I can't have it all! Why? You're asking me why? Simple: it gives and takes, Life gives and takes.

Cover my smile, kill my ambitions, poison my dreams, I'll scream: it gives and takes.

Destroy my memories, burn my home, hide my Sun, I'll scream: it gives and takes.

Pull me back, bring me down, lock me thoughts, I'll scream: it gives and takes.

No lights, the world is falling apart, no forgiveness nor even truth, I'll scream: it gives and takes.

Loneliness, complains and cries, anger and missing, I'll scream: It gives and takes.

Sun rises when the moon hides, I'll scream: it gives and takes…

Happiness shows up when we had enough pain, I'll scream: it gives and takes…

Loneliness might stay for a while, but friends stay forever, I'll scream: it gives and takes…

Tears of sadness reach your lips to water a smile, I'll scream: it gives and takes…

When it's over, it's a start, I'll scream: it gives and takes, it gives and takes…

I'll move on alone, I'll never walk with a mindless crowd, won't dream with a broken heart, won't scream for nothing! I'll move on with my head high and big dreams, I'll move on not afraid from losing because it gives and takes, life gives and takes.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Soul Surfer- Movie Review!

It was a Friday night when I and a friend of mine decided not to go out and stay home for a movie night, I've already got my copy of a movie called "Soul Surfer" couple of days ago and asked my friend if he's OK with me deciding what to watch, yes, he replied. It's been almost a year since I watched the top #10 Box office with Soul Surfer topping the list by then, something attracted me in the trailer enough to remember it after a whole year, that was a sentence passed by which is: "Something good is gonna come out of this." Yes, it was that what touched me in the deep.

In brief and not to ruin the movie for those who haven't watched it yet, Soul Surfer is based on a true story of a girl who existed on this planet with exceptional courage and determination, she loved surfing ever since she was a child and it was her ultimate passion, lost her arm while practicing for a surfing competition with her friends but never let that stop her from continuing what she's started. She never gave up, never complained but worked harder and harder. And thus, she started the journey of starting over and getting used to her new life style and surfing with one arm. Been through a lot of challenges and experiences and made a successful story of her sorrow.

The movie explains life; the girl lost her arm the thing she needed to do her daily only thing: surfing. Imagine you love reading and lost your eyes, love writing and lost your arms, love running and lost your legs, or even love surfing and lost one of your arms! How would you react about that? What will be your choices? Will you run away and give up on your passion, your dream?! A big number of people would do that, they run away, they deal with it as if it's the end of the world, they chose to give up, they chose to stop, to let go their passion and purpose of living and thus they end up miserable for the rest of their lives unless they decided to never let go the dream, like what the girl did.
She had the choice to give up, had every single reason to complain and cry, had the choice to just forget about surfing and start a new leisure activity that requires one hand. She tried; she never had her passion off her mind, faced difficulties and challenges, never hided herself being afraid from how would people look at me and the pity look in their eyes once they see her, NO! She faced that, faced her problems with strength instead of running away and her family did play a significant rule in supporting her, family support does help, a lot. But she's a human, and a human being gets weak, she got weak at some point, or to be more specific, she felt lost.

Lost is good, it's good to feel lost sometimes, when we do, we start searching for another road other than the one we're in. we get lost just to find a better road than the one we were in. sometimes what we need is just experience something new, to meet new people, to find something motivating, something worth dying for, something would make us feel happy just having it done, to appreciate what we have, we need, we need what we love, what makes us alive, we need a dream, a dream to fight for.
She felt lost, and thought running away from town would make her forget about surfing, she took a new road without even thinking about it. She's been through an experience that changed her perspectives about her life, she saw people who lost things more important than a hand, she got inspired by a natural disaster, she got hope from people who lost almost everything they had but decided to move on and start over.

She got back home with determination and a dream in paint. She had no idea about how to make it, she just felt it, wanted it so bad and been a hard worker getting used to surfing with one arm, eventually, with all the ups and downs she's been through, from all the pain she's felt, from her biggest lost came out the good thing. Couple of years later she made a successful story and became a public figure, her life's changed a lot for the better and she got out of life what she's put into it. And see, a Movie about her was made while she's still alive, she inspired millions by sharing her story with the world, taught us life, taught us that life's worthy, to not give up, to dream big, to keep on moving, to be strong, to stay positive no matter what, to smile when you have all the reasons to cry, to see the hard times as good, to see life in a new perspective, Hope, when there's no one around there's hope, there's God that created us and won't ever give up on us.

When your world falls apart and life seem to be cruel on you just raise your head up and chose to stay strong, to never give up, to work hard and never let go the dream, look above, baby dreamer look above where the clouds are and whisper: "Something good is gonna come out of this."

By: Sabri Jaber.
March, 1st. 2012.

Saturday, January 7, 2012


Each hand represents an individual, a personality, a religion, a country, an ethic or even a gender! We are colors, we are who we are, no matter what’s your color, you will always belong here, to this big earth under its beautiful sky.

Created By: Sabri Jaber

All rights reserved. Jan,012.

Children, Tomorrow's Leaders!

-an article about Child Abuse.

Children are tomorrow’s leaders, by upbringing a child with love and respect, you build a better tomorrow of healthy people. Striking children, intimidate and hitting them are only the destruction of their personalities and identities!

Children were born healthy, beautiful and free of ugliness! They're like a seed, a seed needs good land, love and pure water to grow as a tree and give us sweet fruits. By abusing them we water the plant of hatred inside of them, we destroy the good person they are, and what hurts them the most is when they're subjected to humiliation and abuse from people from who they love, a mother, a father or any other family member.

They're like clay, the way you form it with your hands while it's still wet is what they will be when they grow up, you form it in a beautiful shape with love, it will be lovely and sweet, and you form it in an ugly shape with hands full of hatred it will give nothing but hate and destruction to the future.

Children could be abused in many different ways, sexually, physically, emotionally or child neglecting. Also it exists because there are hierarchical powers that subjugate people the world over, and they take the form of global poverty, slavery, occupation, diseases and wars. Children, having to rely on adults for their basic needs, are exploited as a result of these global issues and power imbalances. Therefore, the issue of child abuse is not just one of getting parents/guardians to stop hitting or hurting children, but also of tackling the much larger issues that affect everyone.

While physical abuse might be the most visible sign, other types of abuse, such as emotional abuse or child neglect, also leave deep, long lasting scars and effects like: Aggressive behavior, Alcohol and/or other drug abuse, attention and oppositional behavior problems, lying, stealing, panic attacks, academic difficulties, self-neglect, social withdrawal, sexual dysfunction, lack of trust and relationship difficulties and core feeling of being worthless or damaged.

That leads us to say that abusing children is as dangerous as killing them, how couldn't it be and the good nature they were born with has been destroyed because of abuse?! And once they're affected, they'll affect the future/themselves in a nonproductive way as they'll suffer from the above issues having to deal with the mentality they have got and live their life struggling and trying to find a way out to forget their horrible past.

Let us change the way we treat them, let’s give them what we have always wanted to have during our childhood. Let’s hug them, kiss them, smile to them and tell them how much we love them, how much they are beautiful, wonderful and worthy, let us strengthen the confidence in them. Give them love, teach them how to love and tell them about the power of love, of change! Eventually when they're fulfilled with love they'll give it to others, and others will give it to others and so on...
Learn the signs and symptoms of child abuse, try to help preventing it and give a hand for those who need it. Help breaking the cycle of hatred and abuse by passing the word to everyone you know and ask them to do the same, you never know whose Child's life could be saved because of you!

An article by Sabri Basim Jaber.