Saturday, January 7, 2012

Children, Tomorrow's Leaders!

-an article about Child Abuse.

Children are tomorrow’s leaders, by upbringing a child with love and respect, you build a better tomorrow of healthy people. Striking children, intimidate and hitting them are only the destruction of their personalities and identities!

Children were born healthy, beautiful and free of ugliness! They're like a seed, a seed needs good land, love and pure water to grow as a tree and give us sweet fruits. By abusing them we water the plant of hatred inside of them, we destroy the good person they are, and what hurts them the most is when they're subjected to humiliation and abuse from people from who they love, a mother, a father or any other family member.

They're like clay, the way you form it with your hands while it's still wet is what they will be when they grow up, you form it in a beautiful shape with love, it will be lovely and sweet, and you form it in an ugly shape with hands full of hatred it will give nothing but hate and destruction to the future.

Children could be abused in many different ways, sexually, physically, emotionally or child neglecting. Also it exists because there are hierarchical powers that subjugate people the world over, and they take the form of global poverty, slavery, occupation, diseases and wars. Children, having to rely on adults for their basic needs, are exploited as a result of these global issues and power imbalances. Therefore, the issue of child abuse is not just one of getting parents/guardians to stop hitting or hurting children, but also of tackling the much larger issues that affect everyone.

While physical abuse might be the most visible sign, other types of abuse, such as emotional abuse or child neglect, also leave deep, long lasting scars and effects like: Aggressive behavior, Alcohol and/or other drug abuse, attention and oppositional behavior problems, lying, stealing, panic attacks, academic difficulties, self-neglect, social withdrawal, sexual dysfunction, lack of trust and relationship difficulties and core feeling of being worthless or damaged.

That leads us to say that abusing children is as dangerous as killing them, how couldn't it be and the good nature they were born with has been destroyed because of abuse?! And once they're affected, they'll affect the future/themselves in a nonproductive way as they'll suffer from the above issues having to deal with the mentality they have got and live their life struggling and trying to find a way out to forget their horrible past.

Let us change the way we treat them, let’s give them what we have always wanted to have during our childhood. Let’s hug them, kiss them, smile to them and tell them how much we love them, how much they are beautiful, wonderful and worthy, let us strengthen the confidence in them. Give them love, teach them how to love and tell them about the power of love, of change! Eventually when they're fulfilled with love they'll give it to others, and others will give it to others and so on...
Learn the signs and symptoms of child abuse, try to help preventing it and give a hand for those who need it. Help breaking the cycle of hatred and abuse by passing the word to everyone you know and ask them to do the same, you never know whose Child's life could be saved because of you!

An article by Sabri Basim Jaber.

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