Sunday, May 15, 2011

I'm Here!

I'm here, in Palestine, I live near the olive trees, I'm here! I belong here, where everything is beautiful and colorful, where my family and friends, where the warm sun and the refreshing breezes. I'm here! And you, you weren’t here, you were nowhere, and came to somewhere, somewhere is not yours, It’s mine! Somewhere is Palestine, Somewhere is not yours, it’s not yours, you’re nowhere, Israel: you’re nowhere!

Nowhere came and claimed that they belong to somewhere, took it, build new homes, build new country, killed my family and the ones I love with no mercy, destroyed my home and trees, did everything they want like they own everything, like they own somewhere! You stole it, you raped it! Everyday a new crime, a new child is killed, a new woman become widow, a new tear, a new fear, a new broken heart, a new Palestine without its people, a new me, a new us!

I’m here, now I’m here, somewhere around Palestine, calling for its freedom, my freedom! Calling for my land, my home! I’m here, after 63 years of suffering, after 63 years of injustice, after 63 years of silence, I’m here, holding tight my Olive tree, under the blue sky, shouting with my loudest voice, with no more silence, shouting for the freedom of somewhere, for Palestine!, shouting: I’m here, and will always be here.

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