Tuesday, May 17, 2011


A person who’s chosen to live his life Happy, From Jerusalem, lived my whole life in Amman and currently studying in Cairo, interesting huh?!

A peaceful loving human who cares about humanity and mother earth, I love nature, the scent of rain inspires me, and winter is my favorite time of the year! I care about people, I try my hardest to respect them and not to be mean, I don’t judge, repeat it, I don’t judge! I know what it feels like to be judged by someone who barely knows you, so I just don’t do it; I try to understand people instead! Hate doesn't exist in my heart, I don’t know how to hate people, I really don’t! I’m fulfilled with love, and I spread it wherever I go.

I take life as simply as it is, believes in Karma; very much! I’m happy that I’m a Muslim, I don’t care about people’s color, religion or age, I treat them all the same way!
I do love learning; I love improving the person I am, I believe that the hard times you go through make you stronger, and teach you something, as well as every single person you meet teach you something. I sometimes as a human feel knocked down and broken, but it’s temporary, It doesn’t take forever, I just move on with a new me filled with hope and determination.

I’ve chosen Medicine as a career because of the human side of it and its role of changing/saving people’s lives, It’s what I love and believe in, change.

I always follow my passion, I have a lot of interests that I fill my leisure time with like: Voluntary work, photography, posters design, writing and reading. I love investing my time as much as I can with things that improve me.

I have some stupid things about me that I want to change; I’m not perfect because I’m a human, but It’s OK! I’m trying my best to get over it by changing me!

Whenever you go you could be a productive positive person; by giving away money, saying good things, spreading love, or a smile, even a smile can make miracles!

I have a box full of dreams that I’m working on getting them out of the box, out of my mind, and see them becoming true with time, Insha’Allah.

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