Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Secret_Book Review!

The secret, a book by Rhonda Byrne, an Australian Author who claims to have revealed a giant secret and introduced it to the globe through her Book, The Secret. The secret is represented in three words: Law of Attraction, a law that has existed forever on earth, it represents the quote: what do you think of is what you gain.

The Author wasn’t shown a lot in the book. For the main source of ideas and thoughts wasn’t actually hers. It's owned by everyone who knew the secret and dealt with it! She just had the missing pieces of the puzzle completed! The book wasn’t an ordinary one, it’s different in almost everything, the way she represents the topics, the ideas, the solutions, the way she talks to the reader that interesting to him/her! The way she did this whole thing was just brilliant! I didn’t even feel any second passing when I was reading it!

She co-operated with a number of teachers from around the globe who knew the secret and were using it in their life. Every one of them took his part in the book as a narrator of their own experiences, they were like going over their lives and how did they use the secret to attract their needs and demands encouraging readers to follow their steps.

What’s so amazing about the book is that the Author didn’t use the do or don’t do commands, it’s said in psychology that human nature dislikes the do and don’t do commands. We’re a bit egocentric and take things in personal; sometimes that we almost feel like prisoners when we’re obliged to do something for others. It was genius that the author told the story in 3rd person about people she met and wanted to share knowledge with us. If you didn’t get the idea from this man, you could receive it from that woman, it’s simple, fun and interesting! It’s all about improving you and letting you feel the uniqueness of who you are.

What’s exciting is that when you read the book you feel like you’re contacting a number of different people from different countries. Listening to their experiences, taking lessons from their mistakes, learning life through theirs. Knowing what they have been through, starting penniless and how they got over it and didn’t let anything destroy their own dreams! What’s so beautiful is that you realize the real meaning of life. It’s not happiness or sadness! It’s just happiness, even though what seems like pain sometimes, it’s for our own good, and that’s what beautiful! Today you’re tired, tomorrow you’re relieved, today you’re sad, tomorrow you’re happy! And after dark nights there’s always a new day with the sun up!

The law of attraction and the whole book thing goes around one idea which is feeling good and being positive all the time; and there’s nothing wrong with that! It also encourages people to be thankful for the things they have, appreciate life and just love themselves for who they are! The more you show appreciation, the more you’ll be given by the universe. This is how the secret works, every single thought we think of has a frequency that goes around the globe and attracts the things I’m desiring from the same frequency I sent! Works like a magnetite! So if you’re always thinking of getting your dream car/house or what ever it was your desire, All you have to do is just put it in you mind, crave for it, be sure that you’re going to have it no matter how or when, live everyday in your life with it like you’ve already had it. Stay positive and optimistic and somehow later after days, weeks, months or whatever was the duration you’re going to receive it! The universe is going to make everything matching your desires so that you can finally get what ever you’ve wanted, what you always thought of! Today’s seeds are tomorrow’s trees! Today’s thoughts are tomorrow’s you and today’s you are yesterday’s thoughts.

Despite all the good things about the book, there are some obvious disadvantages about it! We can’t use it to prevent death or select a baby’s gender! What about children who suffer from hunger, diseases and pain? People who are being killed and murdered because of wars all over the world? Children who were born with different disabilities? What about people who died because of natural disasters, such as volcano’s explosions and Tsunamis? What about people who died because of big accidents such as plane crashes, or car accidents? Huge numbers of people died at the same time because of that and definitely they all weren’t having a negative thought to cause it, even if some of them were thinking badly, they shouldn’t die because of someone’s bad thinking! What about them? Did they bring that to their lives? No, absolutely they didn’t!

All that relates to the person’s destiny linked with God’s will, but the book didn’t mention any of that. It just makes you feel as if you were God and have the power for anything. It’s like the Book is making a gap between people and their religion!

Not to mention that disease is something that is sometimes considered in Islam’s faith as a good thing sent by God to see how patient we are and how we show gratitude even when we are in pain. As we all know; prophet Muhammad (PBUH) died because of a fever, and it doesn’t make sense to say that he brought it to himself; because everyone knows that he was a positive person who is full of beautiful white feelings.

To sum it up, there’s nothing wrong with following the positive messages the book is mentioning, and feeling good is important to live a healthy life. The book itself has a lot of beautiful stuff, and encourages you to be a better positive person everyday in your life. If you’re following a specific religion, I think you should link the things in the book with your religion so you don’t feel like you’re separated and ask God for your demands instead of asking the universe.

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